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The teen years are considered trying and awkward times for adolescents. While this of course is true, the parents of teens must endure those teen years right along with their often moody offspring. The parental/child relationship often becomes a vicious cycle during these years that can be challenging for both sides. Positive communication with your teen can reduce the amount of poor choices they opt to make, and that will drastically help to eliminate the severe and often tragic consequences of those poor decisions.

It is for this reason Mandy Knapper, proud parent of a teenager, founded MEANAGER™, to create a forum for amused and often frustrated parents of teenagers, and the teenagers themselves. Through a blend of loving humor and recognizing she was not alone, Mandy sought the social networking of other parents raising teenagers, and that bond with other parents has created not only an online community, but a sought-after line of MEANAGER™ apparel as well. The input from the teens themselves creates the ideal forum for vital communication between teens and teens, parents and parents, and most importantly-parents and teens.

So welcome to MEANAGER™, here with us you will find the resources that are relevant to you and your unique needs, the needs of MEANAGERS, their parents, friends and family. So go ahead, swap stories, vent and let out a good and certainly well-deserved laugh, you are among friends who truly understand.

What is MEANAGER™?

The defiant, independent, needy, demanding, selfish adolescent who we proudly call our son or daughter.

How did MEANAGER™ begin?

After years of dealing with my teenage daughter, I came to realize that she is not a teenager but rather a MEANAGER™ whose sole purpose in life is to test my patience and tax my wallet. I also recognized that I am not alone. Other parents, regardless of their social, economic or educational background, must also cope with the same struggles of having to raise their own MEANAGER™. It is this "Whatever" attitude of a typical MEANAGER™ that has inspired the need for MEANAGER™ Apparel - Apparel Made With 100% Attitude - and the need for MEANAGER™ Resources where MEANAGERS™, their parents and loved ones can go to for valuable resources to help in dealing with the special issues, needs and challenges of a MEANAGER™.

Why MEANAGER™ Resources?

MEANAGER™ Resources, unlike other sites, simplifies the process of bringing valuable information regarding MEANAGERS™ and their special needs and issues to other MEANAGERS™, their parents, friends and family.

MEANAGER™ Resources does not try to be everything to everyone. On the contrary, MEANAGER™ Resources creates a vehicle by which valuable information, resources, supportive information and sites for and about MEANAGERS™ can be shared for the benefit of those who love them most, their parents, family and friends.

Why MEANAGER™ Apparel?

Unlike other teenage apparel, MEANAGER™ Apparel does not resort to obscene, vulgar or idiotic sayings which demean the teen. Instead, MEANAGER™ Apparel creates a sense of identity which recognizes a MEANAGER™ as being part of a special clique, different from other, less worthy members of society. Wearing MEANAGER™ Apparel is a statement that says "Helloo, I am a MEANAGER™" - it is like superman putting on his cape or Paris Hilton taking hers off - without the need to resort to obscenity, vulgarity or meaningless slogans and sayings.

Proud Parent & Founder of MEANAGER™

Mandy Knapper
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